• Lorenzo

      Lorenzo (The Italian Stallion) – Can multi-task while watching sports on TV and playing Screwie Louie. Legend has it that Lorenzo is a descendant of the Medici family of Italy. Having been raised as a child in the northern Tuscany region, the boy-child loved picking grapes in the family’s vast vineyard and enjoyed frolicking with the grape-stomping maidens.  It is rumored that Lorenzo had a family blood feud, with his older brother Mario, which caused Lorenzo to be banished into exile as the black sheep of the family. His new home became Valencia, California after Lorenzo was adopted by his Screwie Louie bothers and sisters. He can, on occasion,…

  • Leon

    LEON (THE PRO) Chrikjain – Smoke runs through the veins of Leon. He is the proprietor of the Zone. Leon loves Screwie Louie as much as he loves soccer. Many a time he’ll watch his favorite soccer game on TV while simultaneously playing Screwie to perfection. You best not make a mistake or he will shout out, “YOU ARE MY ENEMY”!

  • Michael

    Michael (I’m Italian) Castello – Michael will travel hundreds of miles just for a single game of Screwie Louie. It just so happens the best players are located at the Smoke Zone right in beautiful Valencia, California (you can see the cigar shop in the header photo, on the lake to the right). Michael spends a fortune in gas going 80 miles round-trip for a game. So losing a $5, or $10 double-double, game is chump change to his gas guzzling modes of transportation. NOTE: Being that Michael is the owner of ScrewieLouie.com, he reserves the right to shame, ridicule and humiliate any of the other players on this website…

  • The Smoke Zone

    The Smoke Zone is home to Screwie Louie and is nestled on beautiful Lake Valencia overlooking the majestic McBean mountains. The lake offers some of the best freshwater fishing west of the Himalayas, so bring your bait and poles. 25886 The Old Rd Stevenson Ranch, CA United States, California (661) 284-1298 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063669216208

  • Aram

    Aram (Hot Water) -Aram is the cousin of Leon and never has a bad word about anyone. As Jesus was the fisher of men-Aram is a fisherman always looking to hook a game. He rarely sticks around the Zone long enough as yearns to be out in the high seas.

  • Lorenzo’s 64th Birthday

    Valencia – June 10th, 2023 marked the day that had many of the Screwie Louie gang meet up at The Zone headquarters to celebrate Lorenzo’s 64th birthday. Food and Bloody Mary’s made their way into everyone’s bloodstream except Michael C. because he was on medication from not using his prostate enough. Lorenzo had a good time with all but was still melancholy that he still had one more year before he could start enjoying his retirement and Medicare. We suggest when next year come around, that Lorenzo not only get Medicare A, but Medicare B, C, and D as well. Surely all his years of partying with the ladies, and…