Lorenzo’s 64th Birthday

Valencia – June 10th, 2023 marked the day that had many of the Screwie Louie gang meet up at The Zone headquarters to celebrate Lorenzo’s 64th birthday. Food and Bloody Mary’s made their way into everyone’s bloodstream except Michael C. because he was on medication from not using his prostate enough. Lorenzo had a good time with all but was still melancholy that he still had one more year before he could start enjoying his retirement and Medicare. We suggest when next year come around, that Lorenzo not only get Medicare A, but Medicare B, C, and D as well. Surely all his years of partying with the ladies, and men as well, have had to take their toll on his immune system.

Lorenzo was heading out to England the next day and we all wish him a great trip and safe returns.

The Smoke Zone Gang
The Smoke Zone Gang

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