• Leon

    LEON (THE PRO) Chrikjain – Leon knows everything about cards including Screwie Louie. He is the proprietor of The Smoke Zone. You best not make a mistake as his playing partner or The Pro will pull his stink eye on you. Then you will become his ENEMY! Leon has a .500 batting average.

  • Steve

    Steve (It’s a Wrap) Reynolds -Steve is the nicest of the bunch at The Smoke Zone. His calculating mind and memory makes him a top player of the game. He has a .405 batting average and a taste for great whisky.

  • Michael

    Michael (I’m Italian) Castello – Michael will travel hundreds of miles just for a single game of Screwie Louie, and it just so happens the best players are located at the Smoke Zone right in beautiful Valencia, California (you can see the cigar shop in the header photo, on the lake to the right). Even though Michael spends a fortune in gas, going 100 miles round trip, losing a $5 game is chump change to his gas guzzling mode of transportation. Michael has a .375 batting average. NOTE: Being that Michael is the owner of ScrewieLouie.com, he reserves the right to shame, ridicule and humiliate any of the individual players…

  • Aram

    Aram (Hot Water) -Aram is the cousin of Leon and is the nicer of the two. Never says a bad word and when his playing partner makes a mistaken, Aram just says “Its Okay”.  Aram has a .380 batting average and only vapes.

  • Rod

    Rod (Give Me Some Jokers) Rodriguez -Rod has a tendency to be really hot or really cold. There is no in between with him winning or losing. When he’s losing, you will hear him repeat over and over like a broken record “give me some Jokers, give me some Jokers, please”.